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Ways to Add Content to FileBound

FileBound allows users to add content via four different methods:

  • The Add Content page
  • Capture
  • Importer
  • Automation

Add Content Page

Users can upload content on the Add Content page in FileBound. The Add Content page allows users to create a new file in any project for which they have proper rights to create new files in. The content can be added to a new file or an existing file, based on the values provided in the index fields. See Add content.


Capture is a FileBound product that can be used to scan, import, and archive pages into a FileBound project. Users can upload the scanned pages from the Capture to the current project or other projects for the logged on FileBound server. Capture allows users to scan or import pages using barcodes for breaking and indexing. Users can also scan or import pages offline, without actually logging on to a FileBound server.

Automation Processes

You can use automation processes to automate the process of importing content to a FileBound project. The automation processes that can be used to import content are:

Social Media Import: The Social Media Import process automatically searches for social media entries for the current date and stores information in an HTML document.

E-mail Import: The E-mail Import process imports emails and attachments from mailboxes including third party mail services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and other IMAP and POP3 mail servers.

Folder Import: The Folder Import process automatically imports documents that are saved to a network directory watch folder. Imported documents are added to the Indexing Queue.


Importer is a FileBound product that monitors network locations and imports the documents in to FileBound. Users can run Importer as a service and perform OCR on the documents while uploading the documents. Importer can import XML dataset, parse the files, and import the data to FileBound. Importer is also useful while migrating from an existing document management system to FileBound.