Edit my user information

You can modify your personal information such as name, email, address, and phone number on the User Information tab. You can also turn on out of office if you are going to be unavailable for any period of time.

  1. In the header, hover over your name, then select User Information from the Profile menu.
  2. Edit your user information as needed, then click Save.

Turn on Out of Office: Tells the system when you will be unavailable for any period of time.

After you have signed in to FileBound, you will see the notification for out of office. You can either turn it off or close it. Turn off will clear the Turn on Out of Office setting. Close temporarily turns off the notification. It will appear again next time you sign in.

Out of Office User Delegate: If Turn on Out of Office is selected and Enable Out of Office Delegation has been selected in workflow process settings, workflow tasks will automatically be assigned to the user selected in this list. This list contains all users in the same groups as you. A document comment is created to indicate the task was auto-reassigned.

If the delegate is also out of the office, FileBound will try to reassign the document until a valid user is found. If no user is found, the task will not be reassigned.

Use Case: Sue is responsible for setting up new hires in the payroll system. This is a time sensitive task, so while she is on vacation, she can delegate her workflow tasks to another payroll employee. This will ensure that new hires get set up in the payroll system in a timely manner and the onboarding process can continue.

The out of office delegate is not assigned tasks for stencils assigned to a group of people.

If the delegate does not have access to the document, the workflow will throw an exception.