Change log

June 28, 2020

BMB-1749 Updated the Tenant 12 Month Page Count dashboard widget to a gauge chart that displays the total number of pages processed vs. the total page count available.
BMB-1843 The same user can now have access to multiple tenants and will be prompted to select which tenant to sign in to.
BMB-1853 Added the ability to expand the Navigation Menu to show both icons and menu item descriptions.
BMB-1920 Submit to workflow actions will now prompt for data fields if prompts are configured in the Start stencil.

Added a tooltip that displays username and password when hovering over the user icon next to the Profile Menu.

May 31, 2020

BMB-1654 Added the ability to index documents in Intelligent Capture Mobile.
BMB-1679 Added the ability to include custom tooltips for alerts configured on User Action stencils.
BMB-1730 Added the ability to access document properties from the Document Panel.
BMB-1795 Added support for AccuRoute mobile scanning.

Added a tooltip that displays widget titles on hover.

May 3, 2020

BMB-500 Added the ability to select multiple documents in the Document Panel by holding down the CTRL key.
BMB-1322 Added the ability to handle concurrency where multiple users are members of the same step.
BMB-1602 Added support for importing .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .rtf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .bmp file types.
BMB-1607 Added DOC (OCR Text), DOCX (OCR Text), JPG (Image, Single Page), PDF/A, PDF/A (Image+OCR Text), PDF/A (OCR Text), RTF (OCR Text), TIFF, TXT (OCR Text), XLS (OCR Text), and XLSX (OCR Text) delivery formats to the Email and SharePoint Online workflow stencils.
BMB-1613 Added an Alerts tab to User Action workflow stencils where thresholds can be set. WorkItems and widgets on the Home Page reflect coloring according to the set thresholds.
BMB-1618 Added a "Loading" message to the Tenant 12 Month Page Count Widget to indicate that it is working, but not yet loaded.
BMB-1622 Added a '[Workflow Name]' Items widget to the Home Page.
BMB-1626 Added the ability to configure which roles can submit documents to a workflow.
BMB-1640 Added the ability to submit to a workflow from MyFiles.
BMB-1686 UI modifications for better visibility and useability.
BMB-1700 Added Intelligent Capture Mobile.
BMB-1708 Updated the FileBound/CSV mapping UI for lookup data fields.

April 1, 2020

BMB-657 Added the ability to select a FileBound workflow route for documents to be sent down when configuring the FileBound workflow stencil.
BMB-799 Added an option to the Toolbar to generate barcode routing sheets that route to workflows.
BMB-806 Added a Fax export stencil to send documents to an InterFAX account.
BMB-854 Added the ability to download documents from WorkItems.
BMB-1225 Added the ability to generate a barcode routing sheet that routes documents to MyFiles.
BMB-1271 Added a Toggle connection labels option to the workflow designer which allows labels on workflow connection lines to be turned off.
BMB-1290 Added a Home Page to the Navigation Menu. The Home page contains customizable widgets.
BMB-1323 Added the ability to use rubber band selecting to add multiple lines to line items.
BMB-1366 Added a Remove All option to User Action workflow stencil tabs.
BMB-1373 Added the ability to sort each step in the Document Tree Grid View.
BMB-1539 Added InterFAX and FileBound integrations.
BMB-1599 Added Send Fax under an Add Content Navigation Menu item to allow faxes to be sent directly from Intelligent Capture.
BMB-1604 Added MyFiles.