Intelligent Capture Mobile

You can access Intelligent Capture Mobile by adding /mobile to the end of your site URL. For example:

Intelligent Capture is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

When you access Intelligent Capture Mobile, you will be prompted to save an Intelligent Capture home screen shortcut for quick access.

Device and browser requirements

Functionality IOS Smartphones and Tablets Android Smartphones and Tablets Laptop and Desktop PCs
Capture of best quality image from video frames OS: iOS 13.4 and later
Web browser: Safari v12.2+
OS: Android 8 and later
Web browser: Chrome v57+
Web browser:
Chrome v57+
Safari v12.2+
Processing of uploaded images from the photo library - document boundaries detection, automatic or manual cropping, image quality estimation OS: iOS 13.4 and later
Web browser: Safari v11+
OS: Android 6 and later
Web browser: Chrome v57+
Web browser:
Chrome v57+
Safari v12.2+

Capture a document

With automatic scanning, Intelligent Capture Mobile can detect the edges of your document and automatically capture it without you pressing any buttons on your device.

When you open the mobile version of Intelligent Capture for the first time, it will ask you for access to the camera on your device. Click Allow. It will then begin searching for a document to capture.

Mobile capture is currently only supported in portrait orientation.

  1. Hover over your document until it is recognized. The document will be automatically captured.

    Click Gallery to select an existing image from your device. Only users that are assigned to a role with the Mobile allow select from Photos permission will be able to select an image from the camera roll.

Edit a document

  1. Once a document has been captured, make adjustments to it as necessary. The following options are available:

    • Retake:  Recapture the document.
    • Rotate: Rotate the document at 90 degree intervals.
    • Crop:  Crop the document.
    • Delete: Delete the document from Intelligent Capture.
    • More: Choose a color filter.

      Select the Apply to all pages check box to apply the filter selection to all document pages.

      Select the Set as default check box to use the selected filter options as the default for new documents.

    • Add Page: Add additional pages to the existing document.

  2. Click Done.

Select a document destination

Once a document has been scanned into Intelligent Capture and edited as necessary, it can be submitted to a workflow route, sent to your MyFiles, or faxed.

  1. Perform one of the following:

    • Click the workflow route you want to send the document to.
    • Or, click MyFiles to send the document to your personal MyFiles.
    • Or, click Fax to send the document as a fax.

  2. View confirmation message.

Index documents

If data fields have been selected on the Prompts tab when configuring the Start stencil for a workflow, the fields will appear in Intelligent Capture Mobile for document indexing. See Start stencil for more information.