Permissions are assigned to roles and determine what a user is able to do within Intelligent Capture. The following permissions are available: 

Permission With this permission, a user can...
Authorize Integrated Applications Enter account information on the Authorizations page in order to authorize integrated applications.
Can Accept Terms Of Service View and accept the active Terms of Service.
Capture Documents Scan and import documents.
Convert Documents Convert documents to different formats; for example, PDF.
Export Workflows Export a workflow.
Import Workflows Import a workflow.
Manage Data Dictionary Add, edit, and delete data fields in the Data Dictionary.
Manage Data Sources Add, maintain, and delete Data Sources used for Cascading Options fields.
Manage Devices Configure MFPs to be used with Intelligent Capture.
Manage Home Page Tabs Access the Home Page and perform all functions related to the Home Page and widgets.
Manage Importers Add, edit, and delete importers.
Manage Integrated Applications Enable/disable and configure integrated applications.
Manage MyFiles Access MyFiles and perform all functions related to MyFiles.
Manage Roles Add, edit, and delete roles.
Manage Tenant Options Access and modify tenant authentication options.
Manage Users Add, edit, and delete users. You cannot: 
  • Assign roles to a user that you don't already have yourself.
  • Remove the System Administrator role from the last user with that role.
  • Delete yourself.
Manage Work Items Access Work Items and perform all functions related to Work Items.
Manage Workflows Add, edit, and delete workflows.
Mobile allow select from Photos Upload documents from the camera roll in Mobile Capture.
Receive Subscription Usage Notification Receive a notification email when the tenant page usage exceeds 50%, 80%, and 90% of the available page count.
Use Device Client Access the MFP based user interface.
Use Mobile Client Access the mobile user interface.