Barcodes stencil

The Barcodes stencil is used to scan documents for barcodes and map barcode values to data fields. The stencil will read the following barcode formats: 

  • 1D

  • DataMatrix

  • PDF417

  • QR

Available connections

There are two outgoing connections from a Barcodes stencil: green if barcode reading was successful and red if barcode reading failed.


  1. To access stencil properties, double-click a Barcodes stencil. Or, right-click a Barcodes stencil and select Properties.
  2. In the Display Name box, enter a name that will be displayed for the workflow step.
  3. From the Data Field drop-down list, select the data field that you want to map the barcode value to.
  4. In the Regex box, enter the regex pattern to match against the barcode value. See Regex examples.
  5. From the Multiple Handle drop-down list, select an option to determine what to do if the pattern match finds more than one barcode that matches. The following options are available: 

    • First: If more than one match is found, use the first barcode.

    • Last: If more than one match is found, use the last barcode.

    • None: If more than one match is found, do not use either barcode.

    Barcodes are read left to right and top to bottom, so the first is the closest to the top/left and last is the closest to the bottom/right.

  6. Click Save.