User Action stencil

The User Action stencil is used when a document needs to stop in order for a user to do something with it. Each User Action stencil will appear as a folder in the Document Panel.

Available connections

The outgoing connections from a User Action stencil are configured on the Actions tab of stencil properties. There is no limit to the number of outgoing connections that can be established for a User Action stencil.


  1. To access stencil properties, double-click a User Action stencil. Or, right-click a User Action stencil and select Properties.
  2. In the Display Name box, enter a name for the stencil. The display name will be the name of the folder representing the workflow step in the Document Panel.
  3. Select the Only display documents submitted by the logged in user check box to only allow users to see documents in the workflow step that they have added to Intelligent Capture.
  4. Configure the stencil using the following tabs: 

  5. Click Save.