Manage Access

The Manage Access functionality provides a system to ensure that each individual user in your instance can quickly get the resources they need. Access can be restricted when necessary, and you can share certain resources publicly with view-only access with non-Kapost users. Managing multiple teams in Kapost is often necessary in order to coordinate the various moving parts of programs and integrated campaigns. While this is great for alignment, it can get messy quickly.

The Manage Access feature makes it easier for multiple teams to work together seamlessly and align on what's critical—while preventing information you don't need from getting in your way. You'll find the Manage Access functionality throughout the platform (Boards, Plans, and Saved Views, to name a few places) where you can:

  • Specify individuals as owners: Owners are the users who can delete an item and can decide who else on the team can manage access to it. Only owners can transfer ownership to other users.
  • Specify individuals or groups who can edit or view: Members with edit access can create, update, and save changes. Members with view access will only be able to view.
  • Automatically notify groups and individual team members when you grant access.
  • Share private or public links: A public link allows you to share information with non-Kapost members.
  • Different symbols on the icon designate access level:
  • Lock: Private, only the owner can grant access to others.
  • Group: Owner and other members of an instance have access.
  • Building: Accessible to all members of an instance.
  • Globe: A public link is available to share with non-Kapost users (only applicable in Canvas Plans and Calendar Views).

Best Practices

  • Keep plans and charts private until you're ready to communicate them with your team.
  • Create catalog and calendar views that track content that's specific to a team or business unit, and make sure those views don't clutter the space of other teams or business units who don't need to see that work.
  • Create private, customized task views for yourself of only your tasks or the tasks of a team you manage.
  • Organize agency or third parties into groups in order to control what they can access with minimal clicks.

How to Use Manage Access

The Manage Access icon displays throughout your Kapost instance. You can access it to manage the access for the specific task.

Note: View Access is the default. Only the owner can update access unless they have unchecked the setting to prevent members with editing privileges from updating access. In that case, users with edit access can update access for others.

  1. Open Canvas and select a specific task then click the Manage Access icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Use the dropdown to select a new name or group to give access, or edit a name already appearing in the list.

  1. The pop-up modal gives you the option to choose whether or not to notify users in your Kapost instance of changed access privileges as well as the option to prevent members with editing access from granting access to additional users (only available to owners):
  2. Copy a link or embed code to share with users. A the bottom of the modal is the option to use a private link or make the link public.

Note: If you choose to reassign all of a user’s work to another user from the member’s page, their access will be reassigned.

Sharing Calendar

Privacy can be changed using the Sharing settings menu.

  1. Navigate to Settings in the Navigation Bar
  2. Select Sharing
  3. Put a check next to the Allow instance members to share calendars with non-members.