Why do I see “[Unspecified]” reported for a given event attribute?

When Localytics reports “[Unspecified]” in the dashboard for a specific event attribute, it means Localytics has received a NULL value for that event attribute. In other words, when the event was triggered, no known value had been assigned for that attribute in your app. We report this as “[Unspecified]” to distinguish from cases where a customer might prefer to deliberately pass the value of “NULL”.

We recommend your developers provide a default value for the event attribute. such as “No Value Set or N/A” and then, when the value that you’d like to assign becomes known, you overwrite with the known value.

If you’re expecting a known value and seeing “[Unspecified],” it is likely that your developers instrumented the event differently than expected or intended. In these cases, we advise that your developers review the instrumentation and perform quality control to ensure that they have sequenced code correctly and considered all possible behavioral paths.