Projects contain groups of campaigns and are where campaigns are created. Projects themselves are grouped within workspaces, which can be used for company divisions, allowing for multiple brands or departments to exist separately as part of one account. Projects in turn can be useful for further divisions and grouping.

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Creating a Project

To create a new project, select the workspace you wish it to appear in, and click the 'Create project' link in the sidebar on the right.

Project Settings

The 'Create project' link will open the creation form, where you can define the project settings.

Project name

The name of the project. This is how the project is referred to throughout the system, so it should be memorable.


This is an optional field that can contain any additional details or information you like.


This is the workspace that the project will appear in. This will default to the workspace you are currently working in, but can be changed.


Adestra will automatically generate a colour for the workspace, which will appear alongside the project name in reports and project lists. Colour-coding can be useful for easy identification if your workspace contains a number of projects. You can click on the colour to change it.


The owner of the project. This will default to your user, but if you're creating the project for someone else you can change it here.

The owner of the project will be assigned admin rights for the project. If you are creating the project for another user, they will be assigned admin rights, and you may not have access to that project after it has been created.

Once the settings have been saved, you will be taken to the campaign list for that project which will initially be empty. The settings can be edited later if required.

For help creating campaigns within a project, see the Campaign Setup topic.

Campaign Preset

Selecting the 'Use a default campaign preset' checkbox will expand the screen to display the additional option.

When creating a project it is possible to select a default Campaign Preset, which will be applied to any campaigns created within the project. Clicking the 'Select Preset' button will open the preset selector, which will display the available presets for you to choose from.

Note: If the preset been set at workspace level, this option will not be available to select.


You are able to add tags to projects from the creation form or via the settings. Press enter or space to add the tag, this will highlight the tag and give you the option to delete it if required.

Remember to click save and then you will be able to use these tags to navigate through projects with the same ones.

You can find out more about how tags work in the tagging topic.

Deleting a Project

You can delete a project after it has been created as long as the project is empty and does not contain any campaigns.

Custom Table Options

You can change the information your project list displays (and what to download) by using the options button, located at the bottom of the table.

Clicking Apply previews the changes, and Save remembers those options as your preference.