Change log

December 2020

Enabled data sovereignty.

November 2020

Fixed an issue where InterFAX did not load correctly in Firefox when Strict Tracking Protection was enabled due to Google Analytics.

September 2020

Fixed an issue with special characters in passwords.
Added a generic message for success/failure when resetting a password.
Fixed an issue where account addresses were not updated properly in Account Information for other languages (DE, IT, ES, TR, FR).
Fixed an issue in the authorization amount when a credit card was updated for other languages (FR, IT, DE) and the decimal separator was a comma.
Fixed an issue where the customer could not choose a regular number when assigning a new inbound fax number to a customer on a white label. The number allocated was always a PCI (secure) number.
Fixed an issue where the IP address of the Administrator was not added by default when adding IP restrictions.

August 2020

Added the ability to remove the CC number and CVV using the blackout tool.
Fixed an issue where the authentication strength of a standard security user was not properly updated once the password was updated.
Fixed an issue where the allocated credits for testing were not removed from the account when converting an account from developer or evaluation account to a paying account.

March 2020

Added the ability to stop the automatic recharge of a credit fax package and add a single (non automatic recharge) package.

February 2020

Added the Contacts List feature.

Account users are now able to change their S3 repository locations to cater to changing business requirements.

December 2019

Disabled the option to add new wildcards (*@domain) for allowed senders.
The InterFAX login page will now display instead of the public site’s homepage when logging out.
Primary users are no longer allowed to remove their own IP address restriction, if there are more IP address restrictions in the list.
Updated the content of the {ForgotPasswordCP} email template to replace a general greeting with a specific username when resetting a password.
Fixed an issue where an empty email address was added for the inbound service when the TX service was added for a user that already had the RX service.
Fixed an issue where Logout was not actually logging the user out of InterFAX.

November 2019

Fixed an issue where a developer account was not converted to a paying account when the payment method was updated.
Fixed an issue where users were not able to remove their own IP address restriction when no other IP address restrictions were in place.
Fixed an issue where credit card payments were processed even though they failed the initial credit card validation.

October 2019

Added a new error message when users try to remove their own IP address from the IP restrictions list.

September 2019

Deprecated support of SNP, EPS, and PCX from Send Fax.

August 2019

Fixes an issue where an internal server error occurred upon activating an account with an already existing account email address.
Fixed an issue that caused an error to occur when adding a new service for an evaluation account for the first time.

July 2019

Replaced the Microsoft Office Rendering engine with an external service provider. The integration with this provider gives us a smooth transition to the AWS environment, and much better rendering performance.

June 2019

Fixed an issue where the body of emails appeared blank when viewed in Chrome.

November 2018

In order to address local regulations, Upland InterFAX will begin capturing the account billing address of all customers. Any update of the Payment Method or Company Information pages, requires a Billing Address and Shipping Address for US and Canada customers.
Primary users can now edit the shipping address.

July 2018

Updated the user interface logo and coloring to reflect the Upland InterFAX brand.

May 2018

Added the ability for a document's owner and users with the "Can edit" permission to quickly rename a document by clicking the document name in the Document Viewer and inserting the new name in the popup window.
Account managers are now able to change the account default for Inbox columns.

Added the following options to Control Features: 

  • Delete received documents
  • Print received documents
  • Download received documents
  • Auto forward received documents
  • Remove sensitive content (Blackout) in received documents
  • Auto share received documents
  • Manually share received documents
  • Notification emails for received documents
  • Display the sender email address of received emails
  • Change display language

See Control Features for more information.

Upgraded the Blackout tool in the Document Viewer to allow sensitive content to be removed in images attached to emails.