Receive faxes

Users under an account can have individual inbound fax numbers, which are regular telephone fax numbers that can be provided to clients, suppliers, and colleagues.

Regular users (non-PCI service)

For regular InterFAX users, any fax sent to your fax number will be automatically forwarded to the email address(es) specified in settings, as an attachment in a format of your choice. Once you have received a fax, you can share, download, file, forward, print and delete them just like regular email attachments. If for any reason you are having trouble locating any emails, check your spam or junk mail boxes before seeking further support.

You can also log into the InterFAX Control Panel, where you can access your Inbox and open received faxes in the Document Viewer. See Inbox for more information.

Secure users (secure service)

Users of our highly secured services will receive a notification email containing a link to the fax, which is stored in a secure location. The link will allow customers to log into the Control Panel, where they can view and process the fax.

Google Drive

Received faxes can be automatically forwarded to a Google Drive folder of your choice and in a number of formats.

To enable forwarding faxes to a Google Drive folder:

  1. In the Navigation Menu, click My Settings, then click Notification Emails.
  2. Under Advanced settings, click the Forwarding Faxes drop-down and select Forward faxes to your Google Drive.
  3. Select the file type to be forwarded and the Google Drive folder you wish to forward your faxes to.
  4. If you wish to enable Google Drive Optical Character Recognition (OCR), select the check box.
  5. Click OK to save.