Measuring mobile KPIs

Depending on the ultimate goal of your app, how you measure success will vary. You’ll want to set your Localytics goals to align with your larger business goals.

Here are some examples you could use for engagement metrics:

  • Sessions per user
  • Push opt-in rate
  • Session length
  • Average sessions per user

These are all tracked in Localytics automatically—so you won’t need to build any additional event tagging to access this data.

For your revenue metrics, you might want to measure:

  • Total revenue/revenue per user
  • Total number of conversions/conversion rate
  • Subscribed users vs. trial users
  • Revenue per acquisition source

The most important thing about measuring mobile KPIs is making sure they align with your business goals. Many events are tracked out of the box with the Localytics SDKs, so reach out to your Services team or our Support team if you’re interested in more information.