Selecting a messaging audience

We highly recommend that you build an audience to send your message to. For more information, see Building an audience.

We’ve found that the more you segment based on what your users are interested in (that is, showing them a sale on sandals when they’ve told you they’re interested in footwear), the higher the return and conversion rate.

Audience segments

Segmenting your users into an audience allows you to message them about topics they’re interested in. This ultimately gets your message to the right users at the right time.

Selecting an audience

After you’ve chosen a goal for your message, you’ll need to select an audience. Like choosing a goal, selecting your audience is the same no matter what type of message you’re sending.

Note: If you’re sending a places (geopush) message, choosing an audience just specifies who will be able to receive the message. You’ll pick the locations after you build your message.

You have three options for the audience who will receive the message:

For each option, you see an estimate for how many users will receive your message. Keep in mind, this might not 100% align with the total number of users who end up actually receiving it. There’s a lot of different factors that would change this number. For more information on this variance, see Why is the estimated audience size different than the number of messages sent?


Sending a message to everyone means it will be sent to all of your users who qualify to receive the message (that is, we can’t send messages to users who have opted out of push messages).

Select everyone

Note: You’ll be able to schedule your message later, where you can choose to deliver the message based on the user’s time zone.

Select this type of audience if you need to get information out to everyone—for example, when you are sending breaking news or alerting users to an app update.

When you are done, you are ready to continue to creatives for your message type.

Saved audience

You can send your push message to a defined group of users: an audience.

If you’ve already defined an audience within your dashboard, select Saved Audience.

Select saved audience

When you are done, you are ready to continue to creatives for your message type.

New audience

If you’d prefer to build an audience from within your message workflow, select New Audience.

Select new audience

For more information, see Building an audience.

When you are done, you are ready to continue to creatives for your message type.

Continuing to Creatives

When you are done, select Continue to Creatives, where you will craft your message.

The workflows are different for each message type: