Quick start guide

New to Intelligent Capture? Here are some important things to know to get you started! Follow the links provided in this guide for more in-depth documentation on these features.

Introduction to Intelligent Capture

When you access the Intelligent Capture URL, you will see the sign in screen. See Sign in to Intelligent Capture for more information. Once you are signed in, you can update your user information and password using the options in the Profile menu.

You will use the Navigation menu along the left side of the page to access different pages in Intelligent Capture. Menu options are determined by the permissions an Administrator has given you. The interface contains several different panels that allow you to scan/import, view, index, and add line items to documents. See Navigate the interface for more information.

Adding and indexing documents

Documents can be added to Intelligent Capture by scanning or importing. They will follow the workflow selected in the Profile drop-down menu. See Scan documents and Import documents for more information.

When data fields have been selected during the configuration of a workflow step, you are able to index documents within the Data Fields Panel. See Index documents for more information.

Working with documents

In the thumbnails section of the Document Preview Window, you can easily reorder pages, move pages to a different document, break a document, and delete pages. See Manage document pages for more information.