Settings, located in the Navigation menu, is where you will find options that let you configure parts of your Intelligent Capture site. You will only see Settings if you have been assigned to a role with permissions to one or more of the settings options. Each option has a separate permission.

By default, the Administrator role has permissions for all of the settings options.

Under Settings, you can:

  • enter credentials in order to authorize Intelligent Capture to access integrated application accounts.
  • add Data Sources. Data Sources store information that can be used for cascading options data fields.
  • manage the Data Dictionary. The Data Dictionary stores all data fields that can be associated with documents so that they can be searched for and located in the future.
  • set up HP Workpath devices for use with the OneDrive integration.
  • configure importers. Importers watch for documents and automatically import them into Intelligent Capture.
  • enable integrated applications. Intelligent Capture integrates with FileBound, Upland CloudFAX, and OneDrive.
  • configure single sign-on (SSO).
  • create roles and assign permissions and users to them.
  • add and remove users.
  • configure workflows. Workflows in Intelligent Capture route documents through a predefined set of steps called a process.