Change log

August 29, 2021

BMB-2294 Added search filters for Serial Number, Name, and Tag on the Devices page .
BMB-2683 Administrators can now enable/disable importers.
BMB-2684 Last Failure, Last Failure Error, Last Success, Total Processing Failures, Total Documents Imported, and Current Status columns have been added for importers.
BMB-2685 If an importer has failed more than 10 times consecutively, the importer will now be disabled.
BMB-2688 Line Item totaling is now supported in the Line Items Panel.

August 1, 2021

BMB-2602 Updated the user interface for the HP Workpath App.
BMB-2628 Added limited support for a Cascading Options data field type which allows the configuration of selection dependent drop-down menus. See Configure a cascading options data field for more information.

June 27, 2021

BMB-471 Added more information about the substitution options that are available for individual fields inside the Administration menus.
BMB-1090 Field information that was identified during the classify and extract process is now re-located correctly after documents pages are added, moved, or deleted.
BMB-2249 Added the ability to print documents from OneDrive in the HP Workpath App.
BMB-2317 Added the ability to sign in to the HP Workpath App using a regular username and password form.
BMB-2482 Added the ability to scan documents to MyFiles. See MyFiles for more information.
BMB-2500 Added the ability to specify a document name when scanning.
BMB-2515 Added the ability to use a web camera to capture documents. See Capture documents for more information.
BMB-2516 Updated the HP Workpath App UI to reflect global Upland Software design requirements.
BMB-2519 Made a number of minor changes to the list field type to improve the user experience.
BMB-2638 Added a Required (Not Blank) validation option for data fields.

May 23, 2021

BMB-2337 Added support for exporting documents to FTP. See FTP stencil for more information.
BMB-2486 Added a new data field substitution value: FileBoundDeliveryID. This is a unique identifier for a document and can be used to link document metadata with line item metadata.
BMB-2505 Increased the expiration time of the reset password link in new user welcome messages to 24 hours.

May 2, 2021

BMB-2166 Added the ability to search WorkItems using data fields and reference data.
BMB-2279 Added the ability to prompt users for configured fields in the HP Workpath App.
BMB-2336 Added support for exporting documents to Amazon S3. See AWS S3 stencil for more information.
BMB-2397 BMB-2398
BMB-2399 BMB-2400
Added a fax preview window in the InterFAX integration.
BMB-2424 Added a visual indicator to data fields that support data field substitution. See Data field substitution for more information.
BMB-2485 Added support for routing sheet creation from the OneDrive widget. See Generate a routing sheet for more information.
BMB-2501 Added Project Name, Route, Step, and Due Date to the detailed information in the FileBound Assigned Items widget.
BMB-2502 Added the ability to select the OCR language for the OCR workflow stencil. See OCR stencil for more information.

February 28, 2021

BMB-1215 The same field focus is now maintained when switching from document grid view to tree view.
BMB-1302 BMB-2386 BMB-2388 Added a formatting configuration to text type data fields. Rules can be created to automatically apply specific formatting to field values when they meet specified conditions. See Add formatting to a text field for more information.
BMB-2226 Added a Mobile allow select from Photos role permission which allows control of whether users can upload documents from the camera roll in Intelligent Capture mobile. See Permissions for more information.
BMB-2261 Improved the visual design of the OneDrive widget.
BMB-2262 Added the ability to right-click in the File Tree to open the Actions menu.
BMB-2264 Updated the Convert Document(s) window so file formats appear in three columns.
BMB-2266 Added the ability to copy from the InterFAX integration to MyFiles.
BMB-2267 Added the ability to copy from the FileBound integration to MyFiles.
BMB-2274 Added a Set as default option for intelligent Capture mobile filters.
BMB-2323 Added better handling for duplicate document names when copying documents to OneDrive.
BMB-2396 Updated the Intelligent Capture logo in the header.

January 10, 2021

BMB-2282 Added Capture User Interface for HP WorkPath. Availability is subject to publication in the HP WorkPath Portal.
BMB-2286 When adding a new widget to the home screen, the cursor will start in the search widget box.
BMB-2217 Added options to Convert Document Type and Submit to Workflow to My Files and Home Screen Widgets. See My Files for more information.
BMB-2268 Added role permissions to allow users to convert document types. See Permissions for more information.
BMB-2263 Improved the workitems details interface to create distinct information tabs for Details, Fields, and the Journal.
BMB-2265 Added Microsoft OneDrive integration. Users can now copy documents and workitems to Microsoft OneDrive folders. See Integrations for more information.
BMB-2316 Added the ability to convert OneDrive documents and automatically copy the new format back to OneDrive. See Integrations for more information.

November 1, 2020

BMB-2112 Added support for exporting from a workflow to NetDocuments. See NetDocuments stencil for more information.
BMB-2160 Added an 'Only display documents submitted by the logged in user' option to the User Action Stencil. When selected, users will only see documents in the step that they have added to Intelligent Capture. See User Action stencil for more information.
BMB-2162 WorkItems can now be filtered by any defined data field.
BMB-2165 Export Stencil Failure response messages can now be saved to a data field. See View export stencil failure messages for more information.
BMB-2179 Documentation has been updated to include the REST API endpoint information for the Export to API stencil. See Export to API stencil for more information.
BMB-2198 Simplified the UI for session expiration warnings.
BMB-2207 Added an option to change the Document Name in the workflow Email export stencil. See Email stencil for more information.

October 4, 2020

BMB-858 Administrators can now cancel in-process workitems from WorkItems. See WorkItems for more information.
BMB-1832 Fixed an issue with localization of date/time fields that sometimes caused dates to be displayed a day ahead or behind.
BMB-1923 Added Home screen Widget, Documents Processed By User and Workflow, which gives process managers the ability to track how many items were completed by each user in each workflow. See Widgets for more information.
BMB-1924 Added Home screen Widget, Documents Processed by Workflow Step, which gives process managers the ability to track how many items were completed for each step of a workflow. See Widgets for more information.
BMB-1925 Added Home screen Widget, Documents Processed by Workflow, which gives process managers the ability to track how many total items were processed in a workflow. See Widgets for more information.
BMB-1986 Added a 'Clear' filter to Intelligent Capture Mobile which removes the background of a captured document, but retains color where appropriate.
BMB-1987 Added a 'Remove shadows' filter to Intelligent Capture which removes any shadows cast on a captured document.
BMB-2040 Improved the UI experience for cases when a user does not have sufficient role permissions to login to Intelligent Capture.
BMB-2042 Removed the Password option from the Profile Menu for users that log in via SSO.
BMB-2090 The original document name is now used when resubmitting to a workflow or sending to fax from WorkItems.
BMB-2111 Added a Barcodes stencil to support barcode data extraction. See Barcodes stencil for more information.
BMB-2163 Columns can be added to WorkItems for any defined data field.
BMB-2164 Split the Done concept in workflows into Succeeded and Failed. Existing customer workflows will not be updated, but any Done steps will be displayed as Succeeded. Users are able to filter on this status in WorkItems.

August 30, 2020

BMB-1712 Added an Expression field type to the Data Dictionary.
BMB-1857 Added additional settings for scan formatting in Intelligent Capture Mobile.
BMB-1906 Added support for single sign-on.
BMB-1975 Added new Export to API export stencil, which allows a desktop agent to download documents from a specified workflow step.
BMB-1985 Added an option to apply image processing selection to all pages in Intelligent Capture Mobile.
BMB-1993 Added automatic user lockout after six consecutive failed login attempts.
BMB-2002 Updated the UI to reflect global Upland Software design requirements.
BMB-2063 Reduced the auto-zoom on forms extraction found fields by 50% so that information in the surrounding area of the document can be viewed more easily.

June 28, 2020

BMB-1749 Updated the Tenant 12 Month Page Count dashboard widget to a gauge chart that displays the total number of pages processed vs. the total page count available.
BMB-1843 The same user can now have access to multiple tenants and will be prompted to select which tenant to sign in to.
BMB-1853 Added the ability to expand the Navigation Menu to show both icons and menu item descriptions.
BMB-1920 Submit to workflow actions will now prompt for data fields if prompts are configured in the Start stencil.

Added a tooltip that displays username and password when hovering over the user icon next to the Profile Menu.

May 31, 2020

BMB-1654 Added the ability to index documents in Intelligent Capture Mobile.
BMB-1679 Added the ability to include custom tooltips for alerts configured on User Action stencils.
BMB-1730 Added the ability to access document properties from the Document Panel.
BMB-1795 Added support for AccuRoute mobile scanning.

Added a tooltip that displays widget titles on hover.

May 3, 2020

BMB-500 Added the ability to select multiple documents in the Document Panel by holding down the CTRL key.
BMB-1322 Added the ability to handle concurrency where multiple users are members of the same step.
BMB-1602 Added support for importing .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .rtf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .bmp file types.
BMB-1607 Added DOC (OCR Text), DOCX (OCR Text), JPG (Image, Single Page), PDF/A, PDF/A (Image+OCR Text), PDF/A (OCR Text), RTF (OCR Text), TIFF, TXT (OCR Text), XLS (OCR Text), and XLSX (OCR Text) delivery formats to the Email and SharePoint Online workflow stencils.
BMB-1613 Added an Alerts tab to User Action workflow stencils where thresholds can be set. WorkItems and widgets on the Home Page reflect coloring according to the set thresholds.
BMB-1618 Added a "Loading" message to the Tenant 12 Month Page Count Widget to indicate that it is working, but not yet loaded.
BMB-1622 Added a '[Workflow Name]' Items widget to the Home Page.
BMB-1626 Added the ability to configure which roles can submit documents to a workflow.
BMB-1640 Added the ability to submit to a workflow from MyFiles.
BMB-1686 UI modifications for better visibility and useability.
BMB-1700 Added Intelligent Capture Mobile.
BMB-1708 Updated the FileBound/CSV mapping UI for lookup data fields.

April 1, 2020

BMB-657 Added the ability to select a FileBound workflow route for documents to be sent down when configuring the FileBound workflow stencil.
BMB-799 Added an option to the Toolbar to generate barcode routing sheets that route to workflows.
BMB-806 Added a Fax export stencil to send documents to an InterFAX account.
BMB-854 Added the ability to download documents from WorkItems.
BMB-1225 Added the ability to generate a barcode routing sheet that routes documents to MyFiles.
BMB-1271 Added a Toggle connection labels option to the workflow designer which allows labels on workflow connection lines to be turned off.
BMB-1290 Added a Home Page to the Navigation Menu. The Home page contains customizable widgets.
BMB-1323 Added the ability to use rubber band selecting to add multiple lines to line items.
BMB-1366 Added a Remove All option to User Action workflow stencil tabs.
BMB-1373 Added the ability to sort each step in the Document Tree Grid View.
BMB-1539 Added InterFAX and FileBound integrations.
BMB-1599 Added Send Fax under an Add Content Navigation Menu item to allow faxes to be sent directly from Intelligent Capture.
BMB-1604 Added MyFiles.